ZFS Freight Ltd.

Drop-And-Hook Freight Solutions

When a customer has high volume shipping needs and requires more than the standard 2 hour window to load/offload, ZFS Freight Ltd. offers flexibility to drop trailers at your facility to service them at your pace. Drop-and-Hook feature works well in inventory planning, warehouse management and shipping.

Transform the The Way

You Move Your Shipments

ZFS Freight Ltd. provides a unique model for supply chain, depending on the characteristics of the organization that we work with. This enables us to allocate carriers to a customer facility that needs them, helping shippers access to large capacity and meet surging demand.
Daily freight management is ran flawlessly with Drop and Hook program. Big shippers and manufacturers who are dealing with large volume of freight on a daily basis could benefit from Drop & Hook program to manage their shipping facilities and inventory without having to worry about detention and overage charges.